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i write.  therefore i am.

Getting Uptempo to this point has been a journey, a process that has taken time, dedication, and determination.  I'm fortunate to have had encouragement, support, and great people surrounding me along the way.

As I continue on this journey, I'd like to take the time to expound on my book's acknowledgements to thank more of these fantastic people.  This website,, will be updated often and can be looked upon as a living and growing entity that will mature as time goes along. 

As I navigate the post-publication world of Uptempo I want to continually give credit where it is due.  So, what better place than this ever-evolving, ever-changing website to personally thank those who, in so many different ways, have played a role in this process?

Please visit often.

And, with many, many thanks...

Jenny Martin:  You epitomize a supportive friend.  It is a blessing to know that I can always count on you.  Donna Lick:  Thank you, DJ! You have a such a giving, beautiful spirit. Muschi Jean-Baptiste:  I'll never forget your excitement and that early morning call way back at the beginning!  The 11/14 Team & Guests:  You all outdid yourselves!  My heart is still so full!  Sasha: Thanks for all that purple love!  Darius Ryan: Thanks for your help with the shoot.  We'll work together in the future for sure.  Deanen Toney:  You're so skilled at what you do but that's only a portion of your greatness.  Thank you!  Charlene Armstrong:  Thank you so much for the transformation and your calming words.  So helpful! (  Paul McPherson Photography:  It's always a pleasure to work with you! (  The World's Most Supportive Family: You all know who you are!  I love you all beyond comprehension. My Extended Family particularly the PG contingent:  Uncle Smokey, Uncle Dee, Erek, Twan, Geraline and still others:  Thanks for all the nationwide love!  The Pre-Sales Team:  Stacy, Mom, Dad, Carrie, Marlene, Coco, Sharon, Alice,  & JR.  Excellent work!

All who are reading, have read, or will read Uptempo:  Thank you for your support!

                               Recent Thanks & Highlights:

September 27, 2010

Thanks to everyone who recently completed UPTEMPO!  A special mention goes to Angela for her lively feedback, support, and willingness to spread the word.  Thanks also to Tim who also completed the read recently and Susan who also continues to put the word out. 

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the Ladies of Beauty Unlimited who gave a strong showing of support on September 11.  I'm looking forward to seeing Uptempo covers as you read in the shop!  =) 

Allow me to give a "yet" word of thanks to those who will soon begin the UPTEMPO experience.  There are certainly more readers, discussions, and events to come and so the journey continues.  I'm so grateful!

Until next time...


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